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High School Youth Group

The Lord does not call the qualified - He qualifies the CALLED! 

With high school ministry, there are so many more opportunities. If I could give only one suggestion to a new youth minister, though, it would be to enlist a committed, engaging group of adult leaders to help with high school youth group. Having a dynamic group of adults helps give the teens a more, well-balanced youth group experience. When you have adults that can relate and engage your teens you will have teens that keep coming back to youth nights. These adults do not have to be parents! They can be grandparents, young adults who have graduated from your youth group, newly married couples, and new Catholics (my favorite, as they have been freshly Catechized!). Don't be afraid to ask more adults than you need. Having a larger group to pull from will give your volunteers more flexibility and help prevent volunteer burnout. 

Another tip I have found over the years is to have a variety of different activities. We have some teens who want nothing to do with sports and will likely not come when we play volleyball, kickball, or frisbee golf, and we have some teens who are all about sports and only come for those youth nights. Try to rotate your activities so you can reach more teens. Once the teens start making good friends at youth group, they will come back to hang out with their friends no matter what the activity is.  


Regardless of your agenda for youth night, or other youth events, always keep some easy, no-prep games in your toolbox for times when you need to fill a void. If you have too much time between activities, you may lose the teens, especially the ones that can drive themselves. You can find game ideas here.

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